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Transportation Support Programs

The American Cancer Society Offers Transportation Solutions to Support People Facing Cancer.

Transportation is an integral part of successful cancer treatment, yet it’s one of the most common challenges for patients.

For many patients, there are obstacles they must overcome before they can even begin their cancer fight. Transportation can be one of the biggest roadblocks to cancer care.


ACS Transportation Support Solutions Include:

Road To Recovery

American Cancer Society Road To Recovery® volunteer drivers provide free rides to people with cancer in their community who have no way to get to their treatment.

After pausing the program due to public health concerns during the pandemic, ACS has relaunched Road To Recovery with enhanced technology that will provide a better patient and volunteer experience.

Transportation Grants

The American Cancer Society awards grants to health system partners to help alleviate the strain of transportation for cancer patients.

With these grants, health systems are able to address urgent patient needs in ways that work best within their community.

13 transportation grants were funded in Michigan totaling at $185,000 since April 2022. The grants are used to provide rides to patients through Uber/Lyft/Cabs, fuel cards and non-emergency medical transportation providers.

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